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Huge Updates?!

05/04/12 08:03pm

After checking out the sites coding and etc, we decided that were going to completely redo TPK. Yes, this will take some time but the end results will be great that I can assure everyone. No, TPK will not be down during this progress I'll update the news often about it. Below there will be a list of things that have been completed and is currently being worked on for the new TPK. The version will be 1.5.0, I talked with Gregoyle earlier we maybe updating the host soon to a VPS Server this will definitely upgrade TPK's loading speed by a lot it'll be much faster.

Clicky -> v.1.5.0 Updates

Edit 6/5/2012:
I've had enough with this sharing account scams from now on users aren't allowed to share accounts unless this is a training account.
At your own risk you allowed someone to access your own account therefore any scams was your fault don't complain however if you are caught sharing accounts with another users unless he/she is family related you WILL be banned

Edit 7/5/2012:
Any ideas you have for v1.5.0 can be posted here:

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