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Selling Pokemon and or Accounts for real money.

05/04/12 12:05am

Long story short,
You do this and your stupid.
You do this and your banned.
You do this and you have no place here in TPK.

Lunar and Alex is another story, Anybody caught talking about this in the chats, Forums or anywhere else I can see will be temp banned for 3 days.


B0sh here:
I just want to clarify that changing ANYTHING about the battle system using outside sources is cheating. This includes modifying the button sizes to make things easier to click.

Thanks, B0sh


As you now see, I'm a Administrator yes that means I'm now programming for TPKRPG anyway, I'm working on v1.4.7 now this won't be small updates there will be huge updates to the site such as a new layout, improved security, and maybe some new features but many updates to most pages this make take a week or two but any I'll post further news as progress goes.

Nuff Love, Kratos.

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