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v1.4.2 Update

02/11/12 01:56pm


Battle Towers
New Items: Muscle band, Quick Claw, Lucky Egg (Temporary 1.25x exp gain), Razor Claw, Leftovers
Chain Challenge does not accept items
Deleting Items
Items are organized by name
You can extract souls for a 90% chance in the Sl machine

Updated the Shiny Starter System, it includes new pages, and it more flexible
Removed Money and Minigame ranks, fast battle, and poke swap
Attach Items renamed to Your Bag
Updated the weekly contest page to include the ranks for the contest, and minor layout changes

Bug Fixes:
Multiple pokemon can evolve now

Staff Changes:
Admins now have a way to change the WTC with the click of a button, expect it to be updated on a regular basis now.

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