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Regarding the promo and shut down.

02/07/12 10:06pm

Due to the RPG rolling back, out of the last promos (ShinyTangela), all of them were wiped out of the game if obtained prior to the shut down, but there was no way to re-obtain the promo if you had already gotten one on your account. Because of this the promo has now been changed, and there will not be anymore ShinyTangela's added to the game. Sorry for those excited about ShinyTangela, but I hope the new promo suffices for all your troubles.

With the new promo, let me just reiterate the point that you are only allowed to create 3 promos per IP, any more and all of your accounts will be banned!

And to those who lost money/pokemon due to the shut down, we are doing the best we can to repay you for what you may have lost, but you will not get back everything how it was before the shut down. A lot of people are complaining about it, but there is just not a whole lot that can be done for everyone. Sorry and thanks for your patience! ~Marshmallow

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