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v1.4.0 Update

01/22/12 12:50am

Battles are finally here. I know many of you frequent chat users have already gotten a hand to try out the system. I am very pleased with it myself, and I hope you like it too. It takes in all of the features that many people have been asking for, but couldn't be done with the old code. I overhauled it and added plenty new features to make battling more enjoyable and faster.

Battle Changes:
Damage formula greatly increased (This is actually because of a bug in the old system with the damage formula, its actually correct now, the old one was way off)
Seeing your and your opponents party at any time
Switching out Pokemon mid battle
Running from a battle at any time
Addition of a continue button
Exp share divides properly
Speed works in battles

As a final note: I would like to receive any bugs with the battle system. I know its not perfect and there could be ways to improve it. Some area's haven't been properly debugged, so any help is appreicated. (However, I have been training on it for quite some time, it does work)

To the people who like the old system: We are not keeping it. Even if its not faster, its going to reduce server load for TPK.

PS: The recent discussion about the multiple focus punch clicking, that has been terminated, its not possible with this new system.

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