PVC 1.0

     This was the first instrument I ever constructed. I built this instrument for my school science fair project over my Christmas break in December 2013. The instrument wasn't large enough to do anything I wanted to do musically, and I never really ended up using it that much. However, it was a great learning experience, and without the expierence here, my future projects would not have turned out so well. The problems with the space between notes, tuning, and height with this design showed me what not to do.

     The range was one octave, from C to C. The pipes were open ended, and very curved in order to make it all fit. Tuning and note placement was a large amount of trial and error.

     This project has been completely recycled into my other projects. I managed to use about 95% of the straight pipe and about a third of the turn sections in PVCTV.