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The End of the Year TPK Event for 2020

12/25/20 11:42pm

Happy Holidays TPK!

Hey TPK, it's time for another end of the year event for 2020. This year we have a limited time only holiday map and quest. After helping all of the Santas find their way back home after Christmas, you'll be able to unlock travel to the new map via the birdkeeper. There you'll have a chance to encounter two new event Pokemon and two new Legendary Pokemon. Happy hunting!

This event will last from December 26th 12:00am to January 1st 11:59pm. After that the map will be retired. It may come back in the future, but the Pokemon and items you can get there during the event will not return. You can start the new quest by talking to one of the Santas at Lyrae Coast by the starter house.

And thanks goes out once again to Gimbo for creating the new area, Festive Forest. As usual it's turned out amazing.


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