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A new adventure awaits!

10/01/20 12:01am

Welcome to the biggest map update TPK has seen since the game was released! These last few months I’ve been working hard on creating three brand new maps for you all to explore, including a map made by Flatter.

Route 107
The route had been hidden along the mountains of Lyrae for a while, but has recently been discovered. Used as a way to get to Mortem Forest in the old days it had been forgotten. Enjoy the scenery and the fresh air!

Mortem Forest
The Forest has been secluded from the main lands for a while now. No one had been there in what seemed like forever but now it is back open for everyone to venture through! Be sure to carry plenty of bug spray to keep the creepy crawlies away.

Polaris Temple
Hidden behind the trees and just out of your sight this ancient temple was used to worship a Pokémon which was said to roam the amongst the trees long before the temple was built. The town folk slowly found comfort with this beast and built it a home but as generations passed it was forgotten and was never seen again.

Abandoned Wastelands
What was once full of life and thriving, the abandoned wastelands was home to many families and Pokémon. One day a bellowing growl was heard and fear was spread into the hearts of those who lived there. Fearing for their lives they all left and moved to different parts of the Kingdom. Years have passed and what was once a beautiful village is now lifeless, however one of the elders still lives there. Maybe he knows what happened?

With four new maps being released we hope you enjoy exploring them and discovering brand new Pokémon! I am working on many more maps for you all so be patient. Have fun and take care TPK!

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