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Pickaxe Revamp, New NPCs, and the Future

01/07/20 05:13pm

Welcome to the most recent addition to the Showdown Show Announcements board, where your favorite hosts talk about the recent happenings of TPK!

Pickaxe Crafting Revamp
We've been working on and off (but mostly off) with a large-scale mining update, and seeing that it could still be a while until release, we figured we'd release just a smidge of the update a bit early.

Enter the new Pickaxe Crafting system!
- The first thing that you'll notice, is that the pickaxe Crafting UI has been.. well, overhauled. The updated UI is more compact than how it previously was, paving the way to display more information in a smaller area.
- Upon clicking on a pickaxe, a new table row will appear. Here is where you'll manage your pickaxe, whether it be to upgrade it, repair it, or even prestige it.
- We have additionally capped pickaxe levels at +99; meaning they may no longer reach three digits. Any players that currently have a pickaxe over +99 will have the level brought back down to +99. To compensate for this, you will be refunded for half of the ore cost to reach the old pickaxe level.

But what does it mean to prestige my pickaxe?
I'm glad that you asked! Please refer to the Help? tab on the Equipment Crafting page for more information. So, upon upgrading your pickaxe to +99, you'll unlock the option to prestige it. The cost required to prestige your pickaxe is pretty steep: the amount of ore needed to level the pickaxe from +1 to +99. Upon forking over such a massive hoard of ore, your pickaxe will have prestiged, and can no longer lose any durability while mining.

New NPCs in Corvus
We have introduced two new NPCs in the market area of Corvus City. The Item Combiner will allow you to combine some items (Lucky Egg, Lucky Egg+, and Amulet Coin+) into each other, respectively, for a small fee. No longer do you have to constantly return to the Pokemon Center after using your Lucky Egg (60), just to attach another one. Now, you have the option of combining your Lucky Egg (60)s into each other, thus forming a new, ultra strength Lucky Egg (120)! Awesome, right?

The other new NPC that we added is the Flute Upgrader NPC. If you've purchased a Black Flute or White Flute from the department store, you can speak to this guy to upgrade them. The upgraded flutes behave the same as their previous version, with the exception that they can now be permanently toggled on or off. No more refreshing every 100 steps!

Future Projects
We have quite a large bank of ideas for updates that could be expanded on, but we would like to hear from the community for direction. What aspect of the game do you think needs an update the most? Even if it's just some small changes, let us know by replying to this thread.

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