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07/01/19 08:50pm

And now, for the moment you have all* been waiting for..
*not everyone, but this was requested by many people

Team Headquarters Redux  (redux)
When TPK Blue first released in early 2017, we had gone through and updated Team HQ tasks to be a general improvement to what they were before; a hot mess, honestly. However, there were still quite a few flaws in the balancing process that have been uncovered over time as people progressed through the ranks. As a result, we have been receiving feedback about how Team HQ tasks could go for another round of re-balancing. Here we are now. I do want to revisit this feature at a later point, as I still have a couple of ideas for it, but this will do for now. There will be a TL;DR for these changes are at the bottom, but here's the meat and potatoes for everyone that wants to know.

Quick note: Team Credits have not been altered, but we have made tasks generally easier and quicker to complete now, so you will be earning more Team Credits as a result.
Money Tasks
Money tasks overall felt really bad to complete. While we do want people to utilize the cancel feature if a task is too daunting, it's pretty silly to restrict your options for reasonable tasks by throwing in these money tasks that you don't want to complete.
- Task costs have been decreased across the board
- Rep gains have been increased across the board

Ore Tasks
Ore tasks are arguably the closest to being balanced, so not much was done here.
- Radioactive ores have been removed from Executive tasks
- Ores with low modifiers have been moved to Executive tasks
- Task costs have been increased for Rank A, decreased for Rank A+ and Executive
- Rep gains have been increased for Rank A+ and Executive

Training Tasks
Training tasks are a mess. The idea with these changes was to make the tasks remain easy to complete but still involve some clicking.
- Level ranges have been increased for Rank B and Rank A, but lowered for Rank A+ and Executive
- Rep gains have been altered to meet the new level ranges
- Training tasks that require happiness evolutions have been removed ??hurray??

Catch Tasks
The most common tasks you will find on the Team HQ page would be these catch tasks. The goal here is to clean up some of the bad Pokémon on the list of things to get and also improve the quantity of Pokémon needed to allow for more tasks to complete.
- A lot more map Pokémon are able to be turned in for tasks now
- Pokémon are now grouped up more accurately for how rare they are and how much you should need to catch for a given task.
- Rep gains are increased for the most part
- The amount of Pokémon needed for tasks have been reduced by a bit at each rank
- Higher ranked will require harder to get Pokémon more frequently now
TL;DR version

- Higher ranked tasks are better for gaining rep now
- Tasks have been made easier to complete, allowing for more tasks to complete, thus giving more credits
- Money tasks buffed
- Ore tasks nerfed early but buffed later
- Training tasks buffed
- Catch tasks buffed

That's it for now. There are more updates for other parts of the site currently in the works, so be on the lookout for more news posts. Have a TPK day! ~Altios

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