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The Map Engine

06/12/19 10:53pm

The Map Engine

After 6 long months and several premature announcements, the new map engine has finally arrived! Special thanks to everyone involved in it's release from those who actively worked on development, to the beta testers, and to the people who have long requested the features that the new map engine has. It's those features that I want to go over one final time as you can finally explore TPK's new greatest feature.


> Mobile support is finally here! - One of the most important features brought by this update, Mapping is many times easier than it once was.
> Faster map development - These new changes have made future maps much friendlier to make, and we intend to add more in the future. Anyone who has been looking forward to developing their own map for TPK in the upcoming months, make sure to contact me.
> New Music for Lemonade Factory, Route 105, Glitch City, Petal Prarie, and Mirage Ruins. Be sure to try TPK with music on in the new settings menu on the maps.
> Better graphics - Several interactions on the map are now cleanly represented more than they were before.
> Overworld Pokemon Support - You will find more flavor in maps regarding interactable overworld sprites for Pokemon!
> Pokemon battles on maps will now happen on the same page - no more loading a new page every battle.
> 3 new glitch maps and 10 new glitch Pokemon have been added - found the same way as before: Think outside the box. All 10 of the new glitch Pokemon can be found throughout the 3 maps. Some of them might take a lot of exploration to discover

Map Changes

> With the new map engine, All level requirements for maps have been removed, meaning you no longer need to grind map levels to visit certain maps.
> We have instead moved these map level requirements to our new fast travel system that will be replacing map select - Birdkeepers. New NPCs who have arrived with the new update and your new way of exploring the maps! You will need to find and interact with a birdkeeper in order to fly to that location.

Bugs are to be expected and we ask that any bugs or errors are reported to me directly. If you have problems on a mobile device please include the model in your bug report.

In other news, Celebi (Omega) has been removed from the game. Any ones that were in the game have been replaced with an normal Celebi that is (?) gendered.

With the release of the map engine, we are now moving forward with future projects again. We're excited to reveal more in the future.


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