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04/11/19 09:05am

..and just like that, Aerith swoops in with a wave of small changes to the game. Thanks a lot for that! Here's the list of "patch notes" below:

[-] Rare Candies can no longer be used to level up Pokémon past level 3,000. To keep this change fair, my Kyogre's level will be reverted to 3,000.

[-] Gems for Smelting have received a pretty significant boost in EXP. yields. If you apply a gem to a batch of non-radioactive ore, it will now give you 5x increased EXP. Gemmed batches for radioactive ores will continue to give a 2x boost.

[-] Event and Retro Pokémon have received some support around the site. Event Pokémon are now prefixed (e.g: EventJirachi instead of Jirachi (Event)). Event Pokémon now also gain a stat boost of +10 to all stats for being a special type. When using the Pokémon Center, Profiles, and Trades, there are now filters to help you specifically look for Event or Retro Pokémon.

[-] Leveling up a Pokémon to 100, 200, etc. in Kingdom Locke mode will now be announced by Scyther, specifying that it was done in Locke mode.

[-] The Trainer Level 13 shop now holds a few items, particularly ones that deal with legends. These were previously found in the Corvus Department Store, and have now made a new home here.

[-] Several bug fixes.

That wraps up things for now, stay tuned for more updates. Have a TPK day! ~Altios

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