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The Rules of the Kingdom

03/06/19 12:39pm

Hey TPK,

As you may have already noticed, we have updated our site-wide rules. This was something staff looked forward to implementing and now that it's here I wanted to go over said changes.

New and Changed Rules - There was some behaviour that fell into a grey area of not being against the rules, but also not healthy. For your safety, one new rule is "Personal Information."

Simplified and Extended versions of all Rules - We have gone ahead and made rules smaller at face value to make it easier to see what is and is not allowed here on TPK.  If you're looking for a specific rule, you no longer have to read paragraphs to get to the content of the rule
To add onto that, we have also added a more detailed version for each rules which explains common examples of things there are not permitted, in case you are unsure of what is/isn't allowed.
You can also click on a specific rule to see the extension for that rule.

Here are links to the rules:
Extended Rules

Have a TPK day!

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