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TPK is a Big Happy Clan

02/03/19 01:55am

Happy Birthday TPK!

Depending on how you look at it, TPK has a few different candidates for a "birthday". What's undisputed is that Feburary 1st 2019 marks the 2nd anniversary of the TPK Blue update. It's a little wild to think that TPK Blue isn't the new thing anymore. We've recently reached 11,000 members on the new version, and surpassed 30k global accounts. I expected TPK's activity to only go down as this new version got stale. To my surprise, ever since my return several months ago, TPK's activity has been steadily increasing. Thanks to everyone who continues to be as excited about TPK as our staff are.

I'd especially like to thank Jess (Aerith), our new Developer. He's primarily responsible for implementing the latest update to clans your about to read about, as well as numerous other recent QoL changes around the site. Thanks to my ever increasing skill in version control, I've been able to add Jess to the team with ease and teach him about the code base. He's picking things up fast, and is allowing me to focus on bigger picture updates and just being an administrator of this game. I'm doing that part plenty enough as it is.

Finally, I want to share a few stats from our big double exp celebration day on the first. Congratulations to Altios for being the first player to both achieve a 3k Pokemon and Trainer Level 14 - in the same battle I might add. But he wasn't the only player to train a lot yesterday. You all did a combined 5 trillion Trainer EXP and 640k Pokemon defeated. Just take a look at the highlight stats for yourself.

Trainer EXP: 4,958,965,149,773
Pokemon EXP: 5,387,044,070,050
Mining EXP: 136,016,897,954
Smelting EXP: 147,287,647,380
Map EXP: 3,862,128
Fishing EXP: 1,398,496
Pokemon Defeated: 642,984
Money Earned: 2,908,331
Times Mined: 377,065

Clan Updates!
First and foremost, we have rebalanced the way that clan credits work in order to make purchases feel more impactful. For every 10 pickaxe levels on any ore, the cost will increase by 1 credit. As an example, getting to a +10 Salt pickaxe will take 10 credits plus the ores (1 credit per upgrade), but the cost from +11 to +20 will be 20 credits in total (2 credits per upgrade). This is being done to help incentivise gaining clan EXP and climbing up the rankings. For the most part, this update should only affect really low-level clans. To compensate for a slightly higher need for clan credits, we have also removed the scaling cost of directly buying them from the Clan Upgrades page. They will now always cost $6,000 per credit if you choose to buy them.

The real meat to the clan updates comes with a "rework" of Clan Showdown. A highly requested feature that has been added was the manual opt-in button. Starting now, you will no longer be participating in Clan Showdown by default, you must click the button in order to join. The opt-in button can be found sitting nice and cozy on the Clan Home page. Picture:

don't worry about the 111 million money in our vault

On top of that, we have made the numbers a little bit more standard, so expect to see much higher numbers on the Clan Showdown page. Here are the new values:

Pokémon defeated: 1 Pokémon = 5 Showdown Score
Battles: 1 Full roster battle (6 Pokémon) = 50 Showdown Score
* To clarify, this will not give 50 + (5 * 6) for having defeated 6 Pokémon.
Mines: 1 Time Mined = 5 Showdown Score
* To clarify; if you mine 100 times at once, you will receive 500 Showdown Score.
Maps: 1 Catch = 50 Showdown Score
Maps: 1 Release = 50 Showdown Score
Maps: 1 Fight = 50 Showdown Score
Secret Dungeon: 1 Raid Mode Clear = 5,000 Showdown Score
Secret Dungeon: 1 Story Mode Clear = 12,500 Showdown Score

With this in mind, the old formula for cutting your score still applies. By default, your score will be divided by 5. After there have been more than 5 people opted in for Clan Showdown in your clan this week, the score will be divided by however many people in your clan have opted in. As an example, a clan with 3 people participating in Clan Showdown will earn 1 (divided by 5) Showdown Score per time mined. A clan with 12 people participating in Clan Showdown will earn 1 (divided by 12) Showdown Score per time mined. This restriction is applied to give clans with less players a chance of winning, but also not relying on one person to single-handedly win.

Finally, the rewards for winning Clan Showdown have been increased as well. This is already displayed on the Clan Showdown page, but here's a picture anyways:

Say TPK, hey

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