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08/19/15 05:06pm

Hello TPK!

Get ready for the age of the Chaterpie.

My latest development has been integrating our popular IRC channel into TPK itself! We've been working on a completely new layout for TPK, based around this idea of having the chat on the side of the screen right next to where you play the game! This should bring in more players into our lovely chatroom, and make it easier for everyone to get in with TPK. For our older players, you will still be able to go to the IRC channel and interact with players in the game.

Players using Chaterpie can get special commands, custom pokemon logos, and emotes! Your Pokemon logo will be the master title you have, so if you want a logo, better get training now. Over time more and more features will be added to Chaterpie, I've been using it myself the last few days, and its already improving my TPK experience.

The new layout upgrade is intended to bring new players into TPK by making it easier to understand. If you are starting out and want to give me some comments about how starting out was for you, I would really appreciate it. (There may be some PokeCash involved too ^_~) For older members, if you have any ideas for things you want in a layout, I'm open to anything.

On a final note, theres been a lot of cheating and disrespect going around TPK. TPK has the best cheat/macro detection of any Pokemon RPG to date. If you want to cheat, play another game. Our legit players have worked too hard to tolerate cheaters in this kind of an environment. We're all trying to have a good time here, so keep in mind the others playing the game when acting.

Happy Battling,

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