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Easter Event!

04/20/14 12:15am

Livestream Contest is starting soon!

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The event is over hope everyone had fun.

Happy Easter, everyone!

To celebrate the holiday, TPK is having a small Easter Egg Hunt! There are eggs hidden about in the maps for everyone to look for!

There will be two types of eggs- Money eggs and Pokemon eggs. There will be two possible prizes you may obtain depending on the number of each egg type you get. Getting 25 Pokemon eggs will score you a special Pokemon if you have 24 or fewer Money Eggs. If you have less than 25 Pokemon eggs, or more Money eggs than Pokemon, you will get a monetary prize based on the number of Money Eggs you found! Getting the same number of both (with a minimum of 25) will give you the Pokemon and a small amount of money!

Note: The different egg sprites are just for fun. They have no effect on prizes.


On the topic of events, there will be another sprite stream marathon on Wednesday at 6 PM Central/TPK time. The rules will be the same as the previous two contests! Everyone is welcome to come and have fun! The goal this week is to cut the remaining sprites by at least 33%! The prizes are as follows:

1st - Cloud Ditto
2nd - Cloud Shaymin
3rd - Bot Pokemon (Undertermined)

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