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12/16/13 07:13pm

Merry Christmas TPK! To be honest I don't celebrate Christmas but this is still a holiday and I always enjoy holidays! Everyone I hope you aren't gonna sit here all day and play TPK go spend time with your family and enjoy yourself thanks! ~ Kratos

Edit by Kratos: As you notice some pages are down due to the battle issues I didn't want to keep TPK down the whole time so I just closed off those pages until the issue is solved battle will not be accessible I'm sorry for the inconvenience but please wait patiently thank you.

Another note I've realized their have been people abusing some of these glitches and yes I know who you are thanks to Xhinz for reporting these errors and for being honest instead of abusing them.

Check the changelog lately and you will find many updates regarding the status effect system in battles, and other battle changes. Lately my goal has been to spice up the current features of TPK and make them more enjoyable. I've had many ideas for new features but I want to improve what we already have. I've been doing this by adding status effects to battles. In making these changes I am trying to add more strategy to battle. Now when battling you may be paralyzed, and you have to react accordingly. Changes like these make the game more fun.

My question to you is this: Is there any battle related feature that you would like to see implemented. Mabye a special effect to a move or an item or even a feature like stat modification, if I get enough requests for it I'll probably find a way to do fit it in there.

I'd like to thank everyone who has stuck around so far. I know lately I've been so focused on playing the game that I've dropped the ball when it comes to updates, but I'm just having so much fun I can't stop :D. You'll be seeing a lot out of me over the Christmas break.


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