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Secret Dungeon Released!

06/01/13 12:02am

Box will be down for a little longer, still diagnosing the error.
The error has been fixed and Box is back up. ~ Kratos

Edit (Once again):
Did some slight changes to the nav, may need to refresh a few times or so. ~ Kratos

I fixed up the sessions from now on if you're inactive for 3 hours the session will die. ~ Kratos

Okay, so people been having trouble finding items or where certain Pokemon is so I created a guide for those which can be found here; Pokemon/Items Guide.
It's still in progress Completed. ~ Kratos

This is the biggest update TPK has seen yet. It is so big that I'm going to actually bump the version number up to v1.5.1.

If you played v1.0 of TPK, you probably remember the Secret Dungeon. It was a feature on the old version that was very popular, and had many things involved. You had a 7 by 7 square and you explored all the tiles, with a variety of things appearing on the tiles. In v1.5, that has been completely changed. Now, you have a 25 by 25 square to explore, filled with a dungeon generator that creates unique rooms and floors.

On top of the entire game play being changed, a new mode has been added. Raid mode has a special prize room with rewards for completing it.

Here are the riddles for accessing the Story mode of Secret Dungeon:

Slot 1: A hollow Pokemon that lurks the shadows and sucks those into the void.
Slot 2: It loves its bones after all it is a bone head!
Slot 3: Sharp claws, moves quickly and signals Pokemon very oddly.

Have those 3 Pokemon on a certain map, and unlock the Dungeon.

TPK v1.5.1 also comes with a reduced Soulless Price, and a TPK Tools update.


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