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04/12/13 02:55pm

Kratos Edit:
Uh, forgot to mention that yesterday was my birthday got busy getting drunk all night... Anyhow happy belated birthday to me!

B0sh Edit:
A Changelog for changes on the RPG has been created. Kratos and I make alot of changes to TPK that players don't even know about, so this will inform you of all the bug fixes and tweaks that get made. It is located right next to the Version Number: v1.5.0 in the footer.

Edit 2:
Just a heads up for those who entered the contest I've updated the contest page thanks. ~ Kratos


Few people have been requesting for Referral Shop so, I created it you can find it under the Community nav.
Remember don't cheat cause about 99% of the time we'll find out, no seriously...

Hey everyone! As you can see TPK really needs a new Artist, therefore to find this unique spriter I decided to hold a contest oh yes a wonderful prize will be given.

ShinyEevee Lvl.50 (?)

Move Set:
Close Combat


How do I participate? Easy just follow this link; here.

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