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Secret Dungeon

04/01/13 12:11am

Uh, so I returned all Pokemon in trade to box. ~ Kratos

April fools! SD is not actually out yet. I hope you enjoyed the ShinyMew you received if you went to the "Secret Dungeon".

Its finally here!

After a month of programming, the Secret Dungeon is finally available to TPK. On the previous version of TPK, the Secret Dungeon was a fun minigame that had some valuable loot. I've taken the old Secret Dungeon and completely overhauled it, adding in explorable dungeons, a new raid mode, and even extra traps and hidden features that you may not expect. The Secret Dungeon is a treacherous place.

The Secret Dungeon requires your starter to be a specific type, and it needs to be on a specific map. Which type and map? Thats up to you to figure out.
(No the map is not Cave of Wonders)

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