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Nakayomi & Rumors

03/17/13 04:32pm

There have been alot of rumors spreading about the recent events and staff changes. I would like to clarify some things up right now. If you see any rumors being spread, or helping members too spread rumors willingly, please report them to a staff member. They do nothing but undermine perfectly legitimate members.

1. Nakayomi has not been macroing or giving himself Pokemon from the Pokemon Creator. I have logs of every pokemon he has created, and he has given reasons for each one. The Pokemon created of concern were mostly for giving back pokemon from the banned people. However, from this point, we are not going to be taking banned Pokemon back from people accounts as much as we did before. It just causes too much nonsense such as this rumor.

2. Logs are never faked in order to get players banned. As logs can be accessed by any moderator, each mod can confirm that the logs are the same. Ask an admin to copy the logs if you do not believe a mod.

3. Nobody has been or will be banned in order to gain ranks on the RPG. Yes, people did go up ranks, but that is because that the players banned had high ranks, and it is never a reason to ban a player.

On another note, there has not been a news post about the development of the RPG at all over the last month and a half. There has been many bug fixes and tiny features through the creation of the RPG. For those of you who played TPK in the past, you may remember Secret Dungeon. Secret Dungeon is in the works and will probably be out in a month or so. (I've been working on it whenever I'm not fixing bugs, and I've got a whole load of bugs left to fix). Recently, battles went down. We have improved macro detection and added several forms of macro prevention, as a result of the cheaters on the RPG.

Thanks you,

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