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Trolls will be trolls

02/16/13 08:32pm

Edit By Kratos:
Um, so I did a bunch of Staff Panel edits (not that you members really care...) so the staff panel should be easier to handle for staff members as for other things in the site such as Trade which is nearly fixed if you do see any kind of error or such even if it doesn't seem serious report asap. Thank you everyone. :)

The whole Recover Password has been solved, passwords won't automatically update anymore.

Unfortunately we have a couple of morons who think it is funny to send a password change to our emails, it's once per 24 hours, so please just keep an eye on your emails and change your password if it is reset, we are working to have this issue resolved.

On a side note, I would like to congratulate Nekomata and WDNC on their promotions to trial moderator status!

Also.. Anyone trying this for the "Luls" will be issued a ban, each password reset request is logged.


Edit by Nightrush:
Just a little note; it is NOT okay to create a new RPG account to appeal an RPG ban. This has been happening a lot - please either use the forums or the chats to appeal your bans, thank you.

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