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Full TPK Reset? Answers Please

08/07/12 04:01pm

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Hey everyone I just wanted to notify everyone that we have a new Twitter page up and running which will be updated daily for small/big updates be sure to check it out and follow us, also keep it on your favorites in case anything happens to the website we'll post there!

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Love Edit: Yo! New host on this date.

Obviously it won't be transferred on that date, But I will purchase it on that date.


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As you see sometimes the server crashes, or the site won't load. This due to us reaching our limits. The current TPK umm isn't so great when it comes to using up space. So you may expect the site to crash/not load sometimes. Sorry guys, Greg is trying his hardest to upgrade!


Well this is certainly very awkward, but someone needs to let everyone know.


Originally I was going to post this information 2 weeks before the release of v1.5.0, however, one of my staff members told a few members, and of course they told other people. So now everyone knows about it anyway. I would like to lay down the facts, and dispel the rumors (If any, I don't know what people are saying behind my back).

We are going to have a reset for v1.5.0. Your complaints cannot and willnot change my mind. PERIOD If you do have complaints though, feel free to leave a post or PM me. Do not pm me saying I don't want a reset, you need points. Even then I'm still not changing my mind.

This decision has been agreed upon by all of the admins, and all of the staff (I think). Personally, I was against this for a long time. However, I believe that it is in the best interest of the game that we have a reset. I had to put my personal intersets aside for improving the game.

This decision was NOT made by Kratos. I do not want to hear any bs that Kratos is changing the game for the worse. It was a group decision by all of the admins. If I wanted to say no, I could've. Like I said, I believe that it is for the better.

Now the first thing that is going to come to your mind, what does the term reset mean? In TPKs past we have done Pokemon resets due to XP formula changes and stuff, this will be a full reset. All data will be wiped for the upcoming version.

In order to enlighten you on why we are doing the reset, here I have posted every reason why it is a good thing.

1. Many many spam accounts. Lets be honest, most of the accounts on TPK are spam accounts Lots of cuss words and stuff, its just out of control really.
2. The databases are entirely different. The current databases suck, I made them a long time ago, my coding skills have gotten better, yadayada. The new databases are built to be efficient, transferring the data would be a very massive script that would waste our coding time
3. It fixes all Pokemon releases that I have messed up. Ex: Soulless Pokemon as promos, All the type transfers (retro dark ect)
4. We can change fundamental things about the game, without worrying about how its going to affect players coming from the old version. This makes it much easier, and probably better balance for the game. Ex: Removal of Shiny Pokemon from maps
5. It will be much fair for users who have glitched Pokemon / usernames, as they will have to be deleted or
changed for v1.5. Ex: ForestShinyHydregeon would be deleted


Answer: See ya! This is not the proper way to complain about a reset, you just annoy a bunch of people. I used to care about losing members, but I got over it. You'll be back anyway.

Question: But what about rare Pokemon? Nothing is going to be rare anymore?
Answer: We will be having several contests / events in the first month or so to introduce some cool Pokemon in the game. On top of that there will be cool Pokemon on all 7 days. A few will even be user picked. (There will be a poll sometime soon, just wait for it)

Question: I want SOMETHING though. I worked really hard on TPK, is that all for nothing!?!
Believe it or not, I'm actually going to be a bit nice :D. The compensation is based off of trainer level. There will be a spot to link your old account with your new account, and get some rewards. All rewards are
stackable, if you are trainer level 11, you get the rewards for 11, 10, and being a member. These stats will be taken at the closing of this version, you can still rank up to get better rewards :D
Top 5 Trainer Exp: ForestEntei (?) Level 250, and Exp Share+ - Thanks for being an active member :)
Over 25,000,000,000: CloudHeracross M/F Level 5 & $5,000,000
Trainer Level 11: ForestScyther M/F Level 5 & $5,000,000
Trainer Level 10: ShinyAbsol M/F Level 5 & $5,000,000
Just being a old member: $5,000,000 and forever branded with an Long Term Member Title (Something like that)

Any questions or concerns that users have over this, please leave them here. I will be adding things here if needed.

For reading the whole thing, v1.5 will likely be released in a month. (Please do not hold us to this, this is my rough estimate. As of right now, box, battles, trades, secret dungeon, and maps aren't done yet.)


We're having a full reset - don't complain
You get a bonus for having an account pre1.5 based off of trainer exp
v1.5 in about a month

PS: This post is over 4724 characters :D, been writing and rewriting this for around 4 hours

If any staff member would like to leave a comment please do so below here: (No pressure, just don't want my post to be edited)

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