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Regarding Multiple Accounts on IP.

07/18/12 06:14am

There was a rule change earlier this week which has now lowered the amount of accounts allowed to 4 (on a single IP).

Those with 5 accounts should pick an account to move the stuff out, so we can ban it, and you will then be safe from the rule-change. Contact an
RPG Moderator so we can ban the account, of course.

However, if we see 6 or more accounts on one IP, you shall face a ban.

Thank you.

7/21 at 9 PM TPK Time I sold some banned pokemon. Right here is a list of the Pokemon that I sold along with the IDs, just so you can see who got what. Congratulations if you got one :D.

StonedCow: 1754 ShinyCraindos F (Level: 5)
zlinh: 59198 SoullessGrowlithe F (Level: 5)
Burs7 I: 6258 ShinyAbsol M (Level: 5)
StonedCow: 11530 Missingno. (?) (Level: 5)
m4ster96: 101861 SoullessMareep F (Level: 20)
Arsalan: 201890 SoullessUnownX G (Level: 5)
SVP Dimension: 39077 ForestRilou F (Level: 1,000)
Arsalan: 155629 ForestGeodude F (Level: 5)
l2eal Trainer: 373687 SoullessScizor F (Level: 1,000)
StonedCowStorage: 33921 ForestCharizard M (Level: 5) 

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