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Neko didnt quit! Its okay!

07/01/12 12:13am

Edit by Kratos:
Hey everyone, I have another little preview picture of TPK this time logged in!

Click Me!

Hope you like it. :)

Good morning TPK!
Many people say it\'s always good to start off with a joke when it\'s a serious matter so I will!
Knock knock.

Now that the jokes are over lets get down to business.

This morning Kratos started talking to me on MSN because he had BIG! news.
New sprites! Ones that actually look good! (Now I am NOT saying the current ones look bad (EXCEPT SOULLESS THEY SUCK AND ALWAYS HAVE(Not the new ones the old ones)))
Now he has me excited too because I love the new sprites!



So now the day progresses and Neko (Best spriter ever) logs into MSN so Kratos puts me in a group chat with her and we chat for a bit.
I tell her how pro they are, She says there will be some modifications, I warn her not to make them suck or else!

So she lets me know it\'ll be for the better, Yadda yadda.
Day goes on.
I was sitting and visiting my sister for a couple hours this evening because she lives out east and I can only see her a couple times a year, She heads to bed so I come back online and apparently all hell broke loose.

Now I don\'t really have the full story of what went on because I\'m not into that \'He said she said\' bullshit, The only thing I care about is facts.
And on that Topic let me lay out some facts.

1. We are using Neko\'s sprites
2. I DO NOT GIVE A DAMN that half of you guys reject them.
3. Kratos is one of the best admin\'s TPK has, If ANYBODY has an issue with him changing anything just remember B0sh and I approve it as well.
4. If anybody tries to badmouth ANY of the staff I will personally ban you from the game I don\'t care who the hell you are.
If your banned, it\'s for a reason.
If it\'s a change, it\'s for the better.

Now if anybody has any issues with ANYTHING I am open to hear you out.
Just add me on MSN
I\'m always set to busy, Just talk.

And just remember, This is the bottom line, Because I said so.

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