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v1.4.4 Update

03/28/12 10:45pm

Daily Gift notice
Item Crafting

Bug Fixes:
Gym Badges do work (Tested and verified)
Trainer Rankings leader didn't filter out banned people

Also: I would like a vote on whether to keep 0 gender or completely turn all of the 0 genders back into (?)

I'm not returning both, but I can cut out 0 gender.

Hey guys, it's Luke here.. remember to click the 'Support' button. If you can't find it, the link is here - Support Thank you to everyone who contributes.

The promo issue has now been fixed, sorry to those who didn't claim their Shiny Zorua.


Love edit:
My apologies for the confusion over the last 2 days with the promo.
First it's a day early and then it's changed again.

I have set the promo to ShinyStantler this will remain there until Sunday.
If you did not get Zorua then that's just too bad, We're calling it a 1 day event now.

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