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v1.3.5 Update

12/27/11 04:54pm

New rarity list.

Minor Changes:
When viewing the outbox in messages, it shows the user to and not the user it was from (Which is you, and hopefully you know you sent it)
Training contest pokemon cannot be traded

Bug Fixes:
Rarity list Pokemon total included banned accounts
Select a Pokemon has been added so you don't need to click Ivysaur then go back to Bulbasaur anymore.
That bug with 'f00sh' has been resovled. (Thanks to him ;))

Love Edit:
I'm pretty sure I have fixed all the missing image's on the Rarity list, If not please let me know.
Also if you notice any missing Evolutions let me know.

Rules have been updated, Be sure to check them out.

Click me

Love edit 2:
Did the Soulless early because I don't know how much I'm gonna be on come the 30th~2nd.

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