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v1.3.4 Update

12/20/11 01:49am

New message system. I've been working on this non-stop for a few days, and it really turned out nice :D. There may be some bugs, so be sure to get back to me on any.

Also, check out the wiki bug tracker I got It's really nice, and I hope that I can keep track of everything more easily with this. I'll be checking this regularly.

Re-coded message system. With a block list!
Changed the delete time from 48 hours to a week on PokeSwap
Pokemon on the buy page are returned to their owners after one week.
The ability to see pokemon that begin with numbers in the box. Sorry glitch Pokemon holders, I just totally haven't gotten around to doing that!
The rarity list has time last updated. And banned Pokemon are not shown anymore.
Added Dawn Stone in the evolution shop.

Some typos on multiple pages.

Staff Changes:
Trade logs, interface coming soon!

Love edit:
Everyone knows Christmas is coming, So just as an FYI, I will not be on alot from 22nd~26th
Sister flew in and I got Christmas shopping to do.

Have a Merry Christmas TPK.

Love until tomorrow:

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