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v1.3.1 Update

11/28/11 09:43pm

Just an FYI: Gyms are being worked on at the moment. I've been trying to keep it now the usual noob RPG gyms, and I'm attempting to spice it up a bit. So far, it hasn't really worked. But what can I say, its just gyms. There will however be some random super epic boss fight at the end. I've told a few people, but its a secret beyond that.

New starter selection registration system. It looks very nice, and starters are easy to select.
There is a Clan Money Bonus that you can use
Notepad system added, to keep track of things. (Can be found in the options, I just want to keep it hidden away :P)

Clans were being created with out any names
Dark Pokemon still showed up on the profiles

Staff Changes:
Search by IP and allowing access to new stats. Watch out spam-account users. :P

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