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v1.2.4 Update

09/24/11 09:31pm

A few updates today, nothing too major.

Major Updates:
Private Sales
TPK Champion feature, on the front page
BBCode on the front page, as you can tell
New online list (Is this really a major update?)
The index page has been recoded

Minor Updates:
Clicking the forum banner re-directs you to the forum home page
Removed the contest page. Nobody used it anyways.
Removed character limit on battle searches, instead the querys are limited to 50 per search
You can block trades
Daily Gift re-coded

Bug Fixes:
There was a blank pokemon in the rarity list - removed
You cannot get (Level: 0) from the maps anymore
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You cannot post as a banned member
On the maps, refreshing until you catch the Pokemon doesn't work anymore

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