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v1.2.3 Update

09/20/11 09:07pm

I know there hasn't been the most updates...

But I do have some changes to the site for v1.2.3

Trade Log added. Create a random trade to someone and you'll see it.
Mod panel re-coded (Not much of something you'll notice, but mods can change the Green message bar at the bottom now).
Option to turn off notifications (The messages/trades/promo thing)


Edit: Regarding ban glitch

If you are unresponsive on TPK for some time you might come back and find that you were 'banned'. Very often this is not the case. If you come across this at any time, log out and log back in and your error should be fixed (unless obviously, you ACTUALLY got banned).

Thanks, and sorry B0sh for ruining your post.
- Dimension

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