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06/21/11 12:38pm

While TPK was in maintenance v1.1.0 happened:

Weekly Training Contest
There is a notifier when you are sent a message or trade by your avatar now.
Deposit All/Withdraw All buttons
Search Users
NEW MINIGAME: The Impossible Gane

Expirence formulas for battle are changed.
Right menu starter pokemon thing has had some formatting done
Update Moves button in pokemon stats now looks like the other buttons (I guess thats how you word it)
Pokemon Stat change starter has undergone a re-coding
Rarity List Options removed from the options, since it dosen't do anything anymore
Open Box has been re-formatted
Minigame Shop looks like the Pokemon Shop now
The text that you see when you buy a Pokemon has been edited.
The price for minigame points is now 1,000 (old: 10,000)

Reset of the following things: Exp & Levels on Pokemon, Txp, Money, Clan Levels & Exp and Trainer Level

PS: I updated the staff contests, I added a few new ones and deleted the ones that have been won.

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