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v1.0.6 and Hacking

06/10/11 07:35pm

TPK wasn't hacked someone *coughmouse67cough* discovered a trade glitch where you could create a trade and complete it yourself. It has been fixed now and mouse67 has been IP banned. If you still have Pokemon missing please contact Gergoyle or B0sh. Now for v1.0.6
ANOTHER HACKING ISSUE: MInigame points are being obtained easily, PM me with info about this

Reply Thing on message
Pokemon Shop has been re-done and new pokemon have been added
Neverland map appears now
You get sent a message when someone sends you cash
You can detach all items in attach items page.

Capatcha Minigame gives less minigame points

Bug Fixes
Trading bug mentioned above

PS: I'm going to be leaving for summer camp tomorrow (Saturday), so I hope Gregoyle can handle the lot of you.

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