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Lets Try it again...

01/09/11 10:13pm

Ok wanna catch up with me,

Nebula Wars is great, couldn't be better. I love the game.

But I'm sure you don't care, Pokemon Nerds. After getting several requests, *And wanting to take a break from NW* I've decided to open TPK again.

I will be purging usuless boards, yet keeping some important threads. So please be with me. The game will be released by this weekend.

PS: Nebula Wars > TPK so remember I may neglect this game for Updates on NW.

~B0sh, the Elite

A list of planned updates:

Trainer Expirence (Better system)
Different NPCs/Gyms
More Gyms
Different Areas
Teams (Rocket, Magma)
Moltres catchable in the map.

Feel free to suggest anymore


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